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Ph.D. Program

Clinical Psychology Pre-Doctoral Internship Program Introduction

Counseling West, a non-profit mental health center, was founded in 1976 to provide quality, affordable counseling and psychotherapy to individuals and families, and to provide a training program for mental health professionals of depth and value. In 2001, Counseling West added a CAPIC-eligible half-time pre-doctoral Clinical Psychology Internship (“internship”) to its existing MFT training program.

Counseling West offers a post-practicum level, organized training program that provides clinical psychology interns (“interns”) with a planned sequence of training experiences and ensures breadth, depth, and quality of training. The internship program is headed by a clinical psychologist actively licensed by the California Board of Psychology, who serves as the primary supervisor, carries clinical responsibility for supervised cases, and is on site at Counseling West on a full-time basis. The supervising clinical psychologist is employed by Counseling West and is available to interns at all times that they are accruing supervised professional experience. When not available in person, the supervising clinical psychologist remains available by email and telephone. In all situations, other licensed supervisory staff is available on site whenever clients are present. Counseling West has a minimum of two on-site interns in its internship program during any period of training. Upon successful completion of their internship program, interns receive a Certificate of Clinical Psychology Pre-Doctoral Internship Completion. Prior to beginning their internship, interns are required to co-create with their supervisor an internship plan document in accordance with C.C.R. section 1387(b)(10). In general, the Counseling West internship remains in compliance at all times with the provisions of C.C.R. section 1387.

The agency carefully selects its group of interns. Our interns are characterized by their compassion, personal maturity, warmth, degree of self-awareness, and commitment to the rigors of a life lived in the presence of the psyche. They are encouraged to be in personal therapy or analysis during their training.

The agency believes strongly in facilitating a supportive, nurturing environment for its interns. We believe that interns can benefit greatly from knowing each other and each other's work; therefore, at least two hours per week of group supervision and didactic activities (case conferences, seminars) are provided. Trainings are offered in a range of psychological assessment, intervention, clinical, and cross-cultural issues (see attached list of training topics). In addition, at least one hour of face-to-face weekly individual supervision is provided by the supervising clinical psychologist. Overall, supervision is provided at least 10% of the total time interns work each week.

While interns are fundamentally encouraged to develop a continuing sense of their own therapeutic styles, the internship program maintains a broadly analytic and psychodynamic orientation, with particular focus on Jungian, object relations, and intersubjective approaches. A prominent feature of the program is attention to transference and countertransference material.

Because of the diversity of our client population, Counseling West is able to provide its interns with broad base of experience with many kinds of presenting problems, including mood, thought, and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, life transitions, trauma and abuse, relationship issues, and grief/loss issues. Interns have opportunities to work with children and adolescents, couples, families, and adults. We also strongly encourage interns to participate in various other Counseling West programs, including, parenting classes, and other programs we offer to the community. At least 25% of intern time is spent in face-to-face provision of psychological services to clients.

In addition to training in psychotherapy, interns have the opportunity to receive training and experience in psychological testing. As appropriate, Counseling West offers sliding-scale fee psychological testing to its clients, and interns have the chance to provide such testing. Assessment is offered in an array of social, emotional, and cognitive functioning domains. Under the direction of their supervisor, interns summarize all assessments in a comprehensive report and review results, recommendations, and referrals in private sessions with clients.

Interns are not paid for clients referred by Counseling West. When interns bring clients to the agency by their own efforts (a "Direct Referral") and the fee has a cash portion of at least $45.00, the intern will receive 50% of that fee. Additionally, interns who do more than $1000 in revenue a month will get 15% of that revenue and 20% if the revenue exceeds $1500.

A unique feature of the internship program is that interns are required to become involved in community outreach programs (Service Hours). This provides invaluable experience in acquiring additional skills in areas such as networking, public speaking, and public relations that are necessary for successful practice after licensure. Some interns choose to offer groups in areas of specific interest to them, i.e. bereavement, adolescence, children of divorce.

Summary of Program Requirements

Interns are expected to meet the following requirements:

1. Make a two-year commitment to the internship program;

2. Accrue from 10 to 20 hours per week in total clinical experience and an overall minimum of 1500 hours over the course of the internship program;
3. Participate in required weekly individual and group supervision and didactic activities, and to notify one’s supervisor promptly when unable to attend supervision/training;
4. First year interns are required to answer the telephones for 2 hours per week. Second and subsequent year interns are required to complete a minimum of 24 Service Hours over the course of each internship year;
5. Provide proof of malpractice insurance before beginning to see clients;
6. Have a home phone number answering machine and a separate voice-mail number with emergency contact information and procedures, where clients may leave messages;
7. Agree to clear all vacations with one’s supervisor, notify the office and supervisor of any time spent out of town greater than three days, and arrange coverage and back-up planning for clients as needed;
8. Satisfactorily pass bi-annual, written performance evaluations with one’s supervisor.
9. Comply at all times with all relevant professional ethical rules and guidelines, all applicable statutes and regulations applicable to clinical psychology internships, and Counseling West clinical psychology internship policies.

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Clinical and Administrative Staff

Jeanine Roose, Ph.D.

Clinical Director / Ph.D. Clinical Supervisor
Director of Pre-Doctoral Psychology Internship Program

Licensed Clinical Psychologist; Certified Jungian Analyst; Past President and Past Director of Training, Los Angeles Jung Institute; Faculty, Teaching and Supervision of candidates at C.G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles; B.S. & M.S., Nursing, UCLA; Ph.D., Psychology, UCLA; Former Assistant Director, Nursing Service, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute; Associate Editor, Journal of Analytical Psychology; Over 28 years in private practice in analytical psychology/psychotherapy.

Martha Feng, M.F.T., PhD(c)

Executive Director / AAMFT Certified Clinical Supervisor
Nearly twenty years of experience working with children, adolescents, families and adults. Specialties include grief and loss, life transitions,domestic violence, addiction issues and clinical supervision. Graduated with an M.A. from Phillips Graduate Institute. In addition to clinical work, Martha was Adjunct Faculty and Clinical Coordinator at Pacifica Graduate Institute for the Counseling Psychology Department for three years. She is currently in a doctoral candidate in Depth Psychotherapy at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Patricia Absey, M.A., MFT

Director of Sandplay Studies / MFT Clinical Supervisor
Over seventeen years experience counseling individuals, families, and children. Fifteen years supervisory experience. Certified Sand Play Therapist; Member International Sand Play Association; Former Faculty at Calif. State University Northridge.

Stephen Kenneally, M.A., MFT

Six years experience counseling individuals, families and children. Currently in analytic training at C G Jung Institute of Los Angeles. Certified Life Coach, experience in facilitating personal growth seminars. TA at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Advisory Board Member at Counseling West. Board member at Opus - The Archives at Pacifica.

Joni Lavick, M.A., MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Graduate Loyola Marymount University. Twenty years experience as a psychotherapist, fifteen as a clinical supervisor. Specialized training in Mary Main's Adult Attachment Interview. Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Recipient of National HIV Leadership Award and The Los Angeles Lesbian and Gay Psychotherapists Community Service Award. Board member of The Women's Association for Addiction Treatment. 

At this time we are not accepting new applications for the pre-doctoral internship. Please refer to CAPIC website for application procedures. For more information about our program, please contact: Dr. Jeanine Roose at

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